Sapphire Training Group - Sapphire Summit Training Group- Fuel Direct

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Those distributors that played by the rules in Fuel Direct OIL Rush Contests devised by mastermind James Egge should know the truth.

Truth is this - James is no mastermind.

Many a time, Egge would call WHO he choose to give that added edge by supplying Who was in the lead, and by how many.

This sound fair to you? How about legal?

James Egge is a cheat and a liar.

And, if your lucky enough to have been "induced" to purchase a mlm package under him with his LIES on his own testimonials of product results, then you should contact the BBB as well as the MN STATE ATTORNEY immediately.

The truth behind his "FUEL SECRET" is on permanent file with both the FTC and the MN STATE ATTORNEY.

With FIRST AMMENDMENT RIGHTS, this is shared with you to protect you as well as others he may have made false claims , told lies to , and half-truths as part of HIS METHOD to induce a sale.

God Bless.

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Sapphire Training Group -Brian Smith

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At a Fuel Direct WE ATTENDED,

Smith told us he used to train trainer's of the Olympics.

Soon thereafter, he would proclaim not one, BUT THREE COLLEGE DEGREES. One giving the Authority to be a psychologist.

He even boasts of 6.5 million in former mlm and construction


So , as a WISE prospect,


And that homework assignment was sent to the FTC as well as


FACTS are - unlicensed in the STATE OF MN for "COUNSELING

SERVICES." A crime very severe in the eyes of the PSYCHOLOGICAL BOARD. And, Waiting on their response.

- former mlm and construction companies AMEN ROOFING) SHUT DOWN by the GENERALS OFFICE

- We see no verification with his training of Olympic trainers. But, when Santa comes down our chimney

it could be also a truth. So, we'll Give him this one.

- Works with EGGE who LIES in his blogspots

proclaiming HUGE savings using XP3 as he puts it "per vehicle / per his household for the fiscal year."

Truth check - ONLY ONE VEHICLE IN THAT HOUSEHOLD AS IT WAS SEIZED. Perhaps , Egge was too busy being "homeless" as he boasts playing golf and living life large, or becomming larger stuffing his mouth , and smply forgot to make his vehicle payments, in addition to his house payments.

If you want to be protected from the LIES,

go to MIKE BICKLE 7 CHARACTERISTICS OF A CULT before the FANGS of SAPPHIRE TRAINING "induce you to purchase"

FUEL DIRECT ergonomically -shaped torpedoes for your gashole!

If you have been "misled" in any way ...

call the BBB as well as the GENERALS OFFICE immediately.

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SApphire Training Group - James EGGE

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James publicly , electronically (phone and e-commerce)

reported FALSE stories about his results using FUEL DIRECT gas addititive XP3.

Claimed savings of $1200 / year per vehicle in his household.


and, that SOLE vehicle was taken by his bank!!!

The great news for consumer protection is this is on RECORD


IF you felt "induced to purchase" under HIS LIES

call the BBB immediately, AND the MN STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE as many others are ALSO in the process of doing.

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FUEL DIRECT - Sapphire Training Group

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For those of you considering becoming a distributor under the "sales pitch" of Sapphire Summit Training Group - the Training Force behind FUEL DIRECT of Maple Grove -

Here is one of the MOST VALUED STEPS YOU SHOULD TAKE prior to

INVESTING YOUR MONEY and YOUR TIME (LIFE) - possible neglecting all other elements of a human life in devout servitude and loyalty to a WICKED Company.

Look online at Mike Bickle 7 Characteristics of a Cult.

If Sapphire Training shows one of these, Bickle says this is enough of a FLAG to RUN from their sales pitch.

It is our duty to inform you of the flags Bickle describes. What you choose to do, is YOUR CHOICE.

Let it be known the STATE ATTORNEY GENERALs Office has a

permanent record to "inducement of prospects " by means of deception by Sapphire Training group.

I.E. James Egge lieing about his FISCAL savings per household per vehicle. TRUTH is only ONE vehicle existed per HIS household until it was seized by the bank .

Smith's proclaims 6.5 million in sales in previous construction business on Sapphire's web page (sent to the state many months ago I will add) - just fails to speak the truth about AMEN ROOFING being shut down by the GENERAL'S OFFICE. ANd there are MANY MORE LIES that comprise the Training Group Sapphire Summit (ALL sent to the STATE GENERAL)

Make your own decision out of truth with Truth not "hype, lies, half-stories, manipulation, deception, and mind-controlling persons."

We stand up for those that have been misled by Sapphire Training group and do what is ethically, morally, and our duty (calling to protect others) from the FANGS that ROB, KILL, and DESTROY. The fangs of SAPPHIRE piercing

our fellow man, only to benefit from that transaction!

Call the BBB if you have been misled. Call the Attorney General if you made a purchase under LIES by SAPPHIRE.

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Sapphire Training Group - James Egge

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Mr. James Egge had the "inside scoop" of WHO and How MANY

regarding OIL RUSH contests; and those of you (unbenownst to you that participated fairly) were CHEATED by JAMES EGGE.

This FACT , as well as MANY MORE were sent to the STATE ATTORNEY (IN a PERMANENT FILE) as well as the FTC regarding THEFT BY DECEPTIVE PRACTICES.

If you feel James is an "inducer of mlm packages" ,

or in any way misinfomed (LIED) to you about the product XP3 call the BBB immediately , as well as contact the ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE.

Be not FOOLED by a FOOLISH MAN who himself reported his FISCAL (12 months ) savings on a product XP3 HE DID NOT OWN FOR THE FULL YEAR AS THE BANK TOOK IT BACK!


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Sapphire Training Group - Brian Smith

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Good news for you the potential consumer of FUEL DIRECT XP3

MLM packages.

The claims made by Sapphire Training Group (LIES establishing

their own riches and successes) are ON FILE with the MN STATE ATTORNEY as well as the FTC. Have been for months!

Now that is exciting! The potential consumer having the FACTS despite what Sapphire shares.

If you purchased a mlm package at Fuel Direct under LIES and half-truths told by the owners of Sapphire Training Group

and it DIDN'T DO WHAT YOU WERE TOLD, contact the BBB as well as the GENERAL'S OFFICE .

Tis no wonder that FORMER MLMs amd businesses WERE SHUT DOWN by the STATE GEBERAL'S OFFICE.

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